November 28, 2010

Whatcha been doing?

If you're like me there's been a lot of eating and decorating going on. But it all started Tuesday with Big's Thanksgiving Feast and him starring as Safe Boy in an original first grade fire safety play.

{Big brushing up on his lines for the play}

Followed up with Wednesday cooking and Thursday's traditional family and turkey eating day. The big day of course has no pictures, oops.
{Insert photo here: Pretend it's me eating a gigantic plate of starchy food}
Then there's Friday's ASU game. Dad took both Big and Little to the game and I went home and started the decorations. Seriously how lucky am I? I almost felt guilty going home from tailgating all alone.

{The fab four, Littles with their cousins}
{Oh and yes if you're wondering Little beats to his own drummer. He's sporting the Eminem look}

Then there was the Friday night tree decorating, (as you can see most of the ornaments are concentrated at the bottom), Christmas song singing, hot chocolate drinking extravaganza. Whew, I was tired after all of that but it's a four day marathon people, we have lots to do!

Saturday morning my sweet sister came over and kindly offered (well I pushed her out the door) to take the kids to the park so Mr. SFD and I could get all of the Christmas boxes back up in storage. In honor of Christmas being out and boxes put away Mr. made some Merry Christmas Margaritas. After a little afternoon lie in watching a movie we decided to go head to downtown Tempe to go to their local light parade. Thankfully we got there early to snag some front row seats.
{Me and my sweet sister who will put up with me and my shrimps}

To round out the weekend on Sunday we went to church, we had a family birthday party, a holiday decorating pit stop at my sister-in-law's and then we went to my parents to decorate gingerbread boys and their tree. Whew. You tired yet?

{Their masterpieces}

{Big is quite the helper this year}

{Little decided that his Aunt's phone is far more fun than decorating}

I know it sounds like a lot but I have to tell you I (almost) enjoyed every minute of it. I don't know about you but my kids are ba-nanas right now with their excitement over the holidays. Even though I may get a little testy I just try to remember how exciting this time is for them. Right? I just need to keep repeating this mantra. Anyways I've really just come away from this family weekend, super thankful and happy. I hope yours was just as good!


benson said...

you have been busy! It's a fun time to be in the midst of all the holiday hustle and goes by so quick...enjoy it!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

wow, busy weekend! we were supposed to put up the tree but never got around to it. i did get a lot of my home projects done though which i posted today.

your family is too cute!

Emily said...

Wears me out just reading this! And I was there for most of it...

Luvs2dance said...

I love the "skeleton" gingerbread man!!!