November 22, 2010

Eat it :: Oatmeal

I kind of fall in and out with oatmeal but when I read the way she makes it, it makes me want to try it! I just wonder if I could convince anyone else to eat it besides myself.

Maybe topped with the Roasted Pear & Apple Sauce recipe from my new cookbook?


Luvs2dance said...

were you able to get Ina to sign your book - super jely if yoy did! I was stuck at worka nd couldn't make it out there - oh well!

benson said... it! Especially on a crisp, chilly morning in Prescott!

dreamday said...

mmm, i love oatmeal, especially steel cut oats with a little brown sugar and some berries on top. pear and apple sauce sounds yummy!

the lil bee said...

I eat oatmeal three times a week (because I work three times a week and my office cafeteria has the BEST steel cut oatmeal!) I put granola, raisins, soy milk, and honey in mind. But this looks absolutely delicious, too.

maria lang said...

yum! that looks delicious!