November 3, 2010

I adore November

Hi friends, how is your November treating you so far? Is everyone up their ears in the Fall deliciousness? I'm going to pretend it's nice and chilly (instead of a warm 92, grrr) tonight I'll be dining alfresco and I'll cross my fingers that I can wear a sweater or better yet my leopard faux fur jacket. Please tell me what you do to get ready for the upcoming holidays. Are you a planner or a procrastinator like myself? I keep wishing that someday I'll wake up with the organized gene. Maybe later I'll get around to putting away the Halloween decorations...maybe.

On another totally unrelated note I need your help. I don't often talk about my spiritual self because this blog is usually a place for pretty things and random musings but sometimes I just need to go there you know? A classmate of Big and also one of his best pals needs your prayers. I won't go into specifics but he suffering from a very serious medical condition and any prayers or positive energy sent toward him and his family would be so appreciated. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
{image from Junkgarden via Mary Ruffle}

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Full House said...

Prayers headed that way for that sweet little boy.

Also I am sending positive energy towards the lower temperature category. Rumor has it that it will cool down next week so get ready to bust out that faux fur coat.

xx - CB