October 24, 2010

What's been going on

So things are not so hot with the SFD computer. I somehow got some malware on it and it's now out of commish until I can get it taken care of. Yuck. In other news the littles and I have big plans to make a pumpkin pie this afternoon. They've never been fans of it but maybe if they make it, they'll at least give it a try. I need them to like it because I will eat the whole thing myself. I love a cold piece of pumpkin pie with coffee in the morning. You should try it, you won't be disappointed. The weather here has finally cooled off and all of last week I made sure to dress in jeans and long sleeve shirts. It might be a little nuts for weather in the 70's but I'm so done with the hot weather. I'll just pretend it's a little cooler until it finally gets there. With the weather comes the soup, I love a good soup! I saw this Cauldron Curry on Martha and it looks yum. I bet I would be the only one to eat it though because of the curry. I live with a bunch of pickies.
I don't think that I mentioned on Thursday it was my anniversary. 10 big ones folks. Mr. SFD took me out to dinner on Friday night to a restaurant I've been dying to try called Noca. If you're in the Phoenix area you must go because it's so good. I ordered their tasting menu with the wine pairing and I'm still dreaming of my pumpkin soup served in a mini pumpkin. Dreaming of how good it was not to mention the cuteness factor was beyond. It's been ten years since I married the best guy ever. Not only am I lucky to have such a great partner in parenting he makes getting older so much easier. Hanging with him everyday makes me happy, each year is better and goes by faster. So thanks Mr. for being so cool.


dreamday said...

congrats on your 10th anniversary sarah and your first noca experience! (we celebrated our anniversary there last year) love that place!

The Rural Socialite said...

While I don't care for curry, I love pumpkin pie. I hope yours turns out delish!
Happy anniversary, too!

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversay may they all be wonderful!

Luvs2dance said...

Ok, numero uno - I have the most handy-dandy computer spyware/malwarte cleaner you can add to your computer to clean it up - just let me know if you want it!!

2ndly - if you EVER need anyone to share Cauldron Curry with you can ALWAYS call me!! HAHAHA!!!

Happy 10th - I LOVE you BOTH!!!

jora said...

happy anniversary!! and i'll eat that soup f you make it. ;-)