October 6, 2010

Lunch dilemma

It's that time of year again, when Big is tired of everything I put in his lunches. Every week it's usually a rotation of the likes. Pita with hummus, PB & J, pasta with olive oil and herbs, every now and then a leftover and predictably it gets boring.

Thankfully lately he's been really great about trying new things but the tricky part is getting it into his lunch. He's the kind of kid that if something is supposed to be hot and by the time lunch rolls around if it's not it doesn't get eaten. I've actually been desperate enough to practically beg him to try the hot lunch just to switch things up and it's always a big fat no. Not that I can blame him the lunches don't always look particularly appealing. So here's my question, what are feeding your kids? Come on, now is not the time to be shy.


mamacita said...

I don't get too many complaints about boredom -- mine seem happy to eat the same things day after day.

Here's a good lunch story for you: my son told me last Thursday, "Mom, I don't like that bread you sent me with today." I said, "Oh, okay, I won't buy that kind again." But then when I went to unpack his lunchkit, I saw GREEN MOLD on his bread. No wonder he didn't like it!

Looks like I'll be Mother of the Year yet again.

Erin said...

You should check out a blog I follow, the Poe Fam blog. She does crazy fun lunches for her kiddo. Not sure how old your little one is... hers is 3 yrs, but you might find some inspiration to at least dress up what you're already doing. She's pretty creative.

Here is a link to some of her son's lunches...


SGM said...

I agree with Big about eating food that is supposed to be hot. Who wants to eat cold every day?
I pack the same things you do, but also rotate in yogurt and boiled eggs. Always with chips and fruit so I know he'll eat at least something!

the sweet life with olives said...

so stella is what we call a 'buongustaio' meaning she has great taste. this typically does not mesh well with packed lunch! here are a few things we have found that work: milanese and roasted potatoes. both can be done the night before, with a dob of ketchup. lemon chicken, cut into bite size bits with whatever side dish. mini burgers, turkey or beef, with grated zucchini and carrot inside and the famous ketchup on the side ;-) hope that helps, it's a tough battle!

Luvs2dance said...

Well, as you know... I don't have any kiddos. BUT, I loved Mamacita story, poor guy!!

If I think of anything creative I'll let you know...my mom used to do turkey sandwiches rolled in a torrilla when I was a kid... those were yummy :)

Christie said...

Here are a few of our ideas:

-tortillas with cream cheese (depending on his pickiness you can add peppers, green chile, etc.))
-hot soup in a thermos (now that we're having slightly cooler weather here!)
-cold chicken, tuna, or pasta salad
-how does he feel about cold pizza?
-kind of an anti-pasto thing with crackers, cheeses, and meats

I don't know if Big will like any of those, but good luck! Picky kids can be tough.

bethie said...

Any kind of soup they like (leftovers from dinner) in a Thermos. Ditto for pasta in a Thermos. Hummus or ranch and veggies or pretzels. Tortilla roll up with rice and beans. Beans in a Thermos.

Anonymous said...

www.anotherlunch.com has amazing ideas!! Made me realize it doesn't have to be a typical 'sandwich' lunch & bonus: kids love to 'graze'!

jora said...

Quesadillas? Roasted chicken drumsticks? Pretzel sticks and almond butter (for dipping)? Cheese and crackers? Peanut butter balls (I think I posted a recipe a long time ago)? Meatballs? Yogurt, fruit and flax or granola? Pizza? I need some new ideas too. I will definitely be checking back to see what ideas people post. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have THE pickiest kid on earth. But he will eat Peanut Butter Co. chocolate peanut butter on whole wheat bread (it is all natural but holds its shape like cheap peanut butter!) or peanut/choc chip Odwalla bars for lunch. Augmented with Danimals Crush Cups, Simply Go Gurt (the natural version of Yoplait Go Gurt), Smart Food popcorn or plain little pretzels, plus baby carrots or fruit. I try to keep the sugar to a minimum, the fake colorings at zero, and the protein and nutrients up, while still allowing some "packaged crap."

I love that all of your suggestions were awesome and healthy! (Okay, except maybe not the green mold bread :-))