October 26, 2010

Sugary goodness

You know me and my confessions I have a doozy for you. In an attempt to come clean the other day I sat in my car after I dropped the kids off and ate 2 doughnuts. Heaven forbid that I eat one, no not me TWO. You know the funny thing about it is I loved every bite of those two fatty, sugary treats. In fact I might even start doing that more often. It feels awfully good to eat something like that without two littles clamouring for a bite. I mean really when you see treats like these how can one resist?

{image via Mary Ruffle}

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biobabbler said...

Hee. Nice work. A friend recently figured out a Starbucks scone had 2-3 times the calories of one Dunkin' Doughnuts doughnut. Even their walnut bran muffin has about twice the calories of a small doughnut. So, now she just has a doughnut with her coffee and enjoys it thoroughly. While her red-headed baby girl is with papa, elsewhere. =)