August 26, 2010

This is why kids are hilarious

{Kids in the "We love each other and we're both so happy about this picture" Let me tell you this doesn't happen too often.}

Big: Mom you look 38.
Me: Feeling puzzled because no I'm not yet 38.
Big: You look really tall in those shoes.
Me: Love that tall = old.

Early morning activities in the SFD house.
Big standing on the sofa, Little running around crazy.
Realize that the game is Big throwing the football at Little's head.
Hmmm...this could get ugly but it doesn't matter because apparently Little digs getting beaned in the head. This explains a lot.

Little running ahead.
Little: First one there is a rotten egg!
Me thinking, you got that right kiddo. I can't bear to correct him, it's funny shiz my friends. {This one has gotten even better because I realized today that he was saying, "first one gets a rotten egg". Hahaha, I love them.}


Luvs2dance said...

I died laughing - Im using that one.. "1st on there is a rotten egg!!!"

But I csn't see whats circled in the picture???

Florida Blog Chick said...

They are so CUTE!

FrenchRuby said...

hehehehe - the kids I look after yell "first one there's a rockin' egg!!". Cracks me up.

paula said...

haha! love what kiddos have to say.

Kellie said...

First one gets a rotten egg....this is seriously so funny. I think I'll have to tell my students this story on Monday...