May 10, 2010


How was your weekend? I hope that if you're a Momma you were treated like royalty for Mother's Day. So what's on the books for this week? I have several blog posts to finish...yikes! And outfits to plan for next weekend. I like to get all I can into a carry-on so planning is a necessity. My little trick is pick out shoes first and then plan outfits around them, hopefully it will be easy this time around.

{image via Mary Ruffle}


Mariska Meijers said...

spoiled my mum a bit, dedicated a blogpost to her, my kids spoiled me as well, this week I have to move into my new studio/showroom. never a dull moment like you :)

jora said...

You're going to Cabo right?? I'm so jealous. ;-) Where are you guys staying? The weather should be perfect. Ahhhhh.