May 1, 2010

Vintage printed napkins

I'm dying for these napkins! I think they would be the perfect party favor or housewarming gift, they're just so charming!

Get the details and downloads HERE.


Pittsy said...

Great find! I love these. I think my SILs would love them too. Possible to whip up for Mother's Day?
I'm really tired, so pardon my proabbly very obvious question, but how do DIY?

The Rural Socialite said...

These are my favorite!! Just print them on transfer paper and then iron them on to your own linen napkins, right? You could put these motifs on tablecloths, too.

holly said...

I just discovered your blog! L O V E it!

Kalee said...

I posted about these a while back. They would also make fantastic tea towels to use in the kitchen!