November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving already?

If you've been wondering where I am I'm still in my little corner of the world going crazy. Last week I wasn't feeling well and I went to the doctor so now after some antibiotics and lots of rest I'm feeling much better. I'm still mourning the loss of all of my saved images for the blog. :( Boo! When I have time I usually try to scour the internet finding things that I adore so when I go to write I have something pretty to inspire me or images to use. Sadly I've got nothing. One of these days when I have a couple spare hours maybe I'll be able to stock some up.

I just have to say I can't believe Thanksgiving is already this Thursday!! Wow. I'm dying to know what's your signature family dish on Thanksgiving. So in the spirit of the holiday let's share.
{image via Martha}


Kalee said...

My signature dish is a pecan pie that I begged for the recipe for over a decade for and finally got as a wedding present! My husband doesn't particularly love pecans, but he likes fresh shelled ones, so I do that and then make the pie....he gobbles it down!

Bloggers Abode said...

2 dishes I ALWAYS make. A Pumpkin Cheesecake with gingersnap crust and a steakhouse style Cream Corn that is amazing!

JC said...

I hate pumpkin in all it's forms, so began to bring my own favorite dessert, Buttermilk Pie, to the holiday festivities with the family. Well, I've converted them all and now it's the family "must have" at all our gatherings. Happy Holiday to you and yours.