November 3, 2009

Paint ideas?

Opening this up to anyone with great paint suggestions. I have a powder room that is painted Martha Stewart's Barn red. It was one of her colors when her paint line was at Sherwin Williams. At the time (when we built our house) I loved it and as with all trends now I'm really ready to see it go. In my dreams we would have wainscoting and wallpaper in the WC but that's not really an affordable option so I'm thinking paint.

My mom and I had a brainstorming sesh and thought brown would be a nice option but I'm still on the fence. P-p-please any ideas or pics you could send my way would be extremely helpful, I'm plum out of ideas.

PS - My house is all warm colors and grays and blues are great as suggestions as long as they have a warmer undertone. I need all the help I can get, I'm stumped.


Mango Gal said...

How about a dark taupe color? It's like a warm gray, great thing is that you can pick as light or as dark as you want it.

EAC said...

What color is your tiling? We are going from red to Pratt & Lambert Flint in our powder room. Very, very dark, but goes well with the lower half of the powder room tiled in various creams, and the greiges and creams in our home. Will also look great with gilt frames. Good luck!

Holly said...

depending on your flooring and fixtures, a rich lilac might be nice. i'm really into the "muddied-up" purple colors right now and it might be a nice pop of unexpected color.

{lovely little things} said...

It sounds weird, but my friends bathroom is silver, not a super shiny metallic but definitely silver with white and black accents. It actually works quite well for a powder/bathroom.

MMW said...

Check out Benny Moore's ABALONE or SILVER FOX. It's a lovely grey with warm undertones - as the darkest saturation is actually BROWN.

Here it is on my Living Room walls (check out last picture on the post)

And here's another post I did on Grey walls. Some other good colour suggestions:


callie said...
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callie said...

Unfortunately, I don't have the name of the color, but we did the powder room in a shade of green from sherwin-williams that has a lot of grey undertones. {Actually, I'm almost positive that it's the one called 'Warm Stone', but the color does not look quite so grey in person}. The greys really make it a neutral, and with some deep red, brown, and/or gold accents to help to bring out its warmth, it would work very nicely with the warm colors in the rest of your house!
(I'm guessing that since you're thinking of doing a brown you don't want to go with a color that's too untraditional, but I promise this green is not as drastic as it sounds!)