July 24, 2009

Sum me up

You know how you've seen the sum your style up in one photo blog posts? Well this is mine. This photo by Paul Schiefer, styled by Heidi Adams just got me the moment I looked at it. So many of the elements and colors are things that I have in my own home. I would say while I'm a girly girl I like lots of vintage with a bit of masculine flavor.

The buttons and deck of cards really stood out for me because I've been hunting for vintage goodies to fill some apothecary jars I purchased. I've settled on vintage game pieces like dominoes, chess pieces and cards but I've had a hard time finding them. I'm thinking of having the kids just rough up and dirty a few decks of cards on the sidewalk just so I can fill at least one. Anyhow I just had to share me in one snap, have you found yours?

[image via a new blog crush Style Swoon]


Luvs2dance said...

PERFECTION!!!! It screams Sarah!!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jenn, you know me personally though and for years. I wonder does this come through to others reading this blog?