July 26, 2009

Shopping Trip

My mom and I try to sneak off for a couple of hours every couple of weeks to do a little shopping, yesterday was no exception. Our trips usually consist of checking out what's new at the cute local shops, mostly home stuff sometimes clothes. I brought my camera yesterday in case I found something really cool but instead I decided to just take a few snaps of my trip. We started off our trip at Frances (this is before I decided to take photos) adorable shop with lots of great clothing and jewelry. After that we headed next door to their new store Smeeks.
Think Candyland... and just as cute.

I ended up with a bag full of candy and cute cupcake papers.
Lots of little knick-knacky toys (my kids would have gone bananas for this place), old fashioned sodas and of course lots of candy. I planned on taking a photo of my loot but of course I ate it when we got home. I highly recommend the marshmallows with caramel and the chocolate taffy, to-die.
Next we decided to go to lunch at Pane Bianco it's the sister restaurant of the famous Pizzeria Bianco. I had never been there and my mother insisted that I try it, she was right it was delicious.

I had a sparkling water and a caprese sandwich. Everything about this was delicious, the bread was perfectly crispy and crusty on the outside and gorgeous on the inside. The mozzarella and tomatoes were fresh and luscious. I will be dreaming of this sandwich for the next couple of days.

{Here's a closeup of the goodness}
Next up was Haus, lots of modern and a very nice salesman. My mom is in the market for some new kitchen stools so we thought we would stop in for a look. They have the usual suspects but I was so surprised with their great baby stuff (note to self for friends babies). What I really wanted was to bring home a few of these pillows.

Our trip was going to end at the Waterworks showroom but it was closed on Saturday. Boo! Next time if we can sneak away during the week this is on my list.

My fun shopping excursion ended with my babysitting my new little cutie pie nephew. Don't his toes look perfect for nibbling? He's gorgeous and so sweet he was the perfect ending to a fun day. How was your weekend?


nkp said...

I love those pillows. So bright and graphic! Sounds like a great shopping expedition.

Live.Love. Photography said...

mmmmm.....that sandwich looks so good. I LOVE caprese!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Tina sent me a link to that candy shop from Jaimee Rose's blog! Looks fabulous...right up my alley! :) I'll have to check it out!