June 11, 2008

Prancer Party

I've already confessed my love for So You Think You Can Dance and now it's starting to get good. I've just been waiting for the Top 20 to be chosen so we can finally watch something juicy. First I'll just give you a little back story, one of my closest friends Jenn and I, (we both have hubbies that work late) last season we would always get together to watch SYTYCD. It was like a well-oiled machine, she would keep me company with the kids and once they went to bed we would eat dinner, drink some vino and watch our show. We had our personal faves and the ones we thought we losers, mind you they weren't always the same so there was some good natured teasing going on. Last season I couldn't stand Lauren and I called her Prancer (and would do imitations), so in honor of last season tonight we are having our first Prancer Party. These are my thoughts so far:

Courtney G - Totally adorable personality.

Kherington P. - Already completely bugs me and it isn't even the real show yet. Not to mention what the hell with the spelling, seriously why?

Kourtni L. - Again the name why, but I think she's sooo good.

My verdict is still out for the boys, no one really wowed me yet.


benson said...

I'm a teacher and some of the names that come through the door you wonder what the parents were thinking! Creativity is a GREAT thing but if you're giving your child a classic name--why change the spelling to confuse everyone?!How fun for you and your friend to have a girls night :)

altuna said...

I heart this post!!! I have a strong feeling Special K (Kherington) will be the start of a new Love (jenn) Hate (sarah) relationship - HAHAH!!! See ya later!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jenn - If you like Special K only because I don't I'm going to have to kick your a*&! We will see tonight!