March 1, 2013

What's going on

Hola! Thought I'd pop in and see if there is still actually anyone out there. Maybe, maybe not. That's ok it still feels good to write things out into the void of the internet. My sister-in-law is getting married so we've been busy with pretty showers, parties and plans.

My sweet babies are getting after it in sports.

My husband is busy working, a lot.

As a family we've been doing no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Challenging at first but now it seems pretty old hat. Not to worry though there is still plenty of crappy food and sweets to be eaten  if needed! 

I'm still obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. You can find more of me there these days, come find me!


marni zarr said...

hi sarah! xo

Anonymous said...

still reading!

Andra said...

i'm still enjoying your blog Sarah! Anxious to talk about the new foods and the exit of the bad ones! ;)