March 6, 2013

Cutting out the crazy

Since we've started this new way of eating I've had lots of questions about it. Here are a few with some simple answers:

1. Why are you all eating no dyes, artificial flavors or preservatives?

One day when I let my son eat Doritos and a few Twizzlers I noticed a 180 change. His behavior was nuts and he seemed emotionally overwhelmed. This had been happening and I'd started cutting out red dye before the holidays but then they rolled around and a candy cane here and there and all of the colorful food that goes with it my son was a whirling dervish of drama from October through December. I know the holidays had a lot to do dramz with that but let's just say the food additives were the icing on the cake, oy. So my husband and I decided to try it to see how it worked and thankfully it has helped, a lot. Even my son has started to get on board because he has noticed a difference in how he feels eating really cleanly. 

2. So you always let your kids eat junk?

No, not at all. Every now and then I would buy a bag of chips they asked for or allow the blue icees at the movies as a treat. I didn't want to be a total freak about food so I allowed it. Now though I've changed my tune, I've figured it out it's not the sugar it's all the extra crap! They hide that stuff in everything even food you wouldn't think would have it. Believe me in order to make this work I bought plenty of approved junk just so the kids wouldn't feel like they were missing out to begin with. In fact when we started the new way of eating I had more processed food in my pantry than I ever had. We've now figured out our favorites and I've whittled the processed factor way down.

3. Is there something specific that you did?

Yes, we started doing the Feingold Diet. It's pretty strict at first but there are a lot of materials and support out there for it. For a membership fee you have access to all the approved food lists and message boards. I've learned  a ton about new brands, etc. I know I may make some waves with Feingold purists but we started doing it at Stage 2. You're supposed to go super clean for 6 - 8 weeks cutting out certain salicylic fruits and veggies too but in order to make it successful I had to do what worked for our family. Doing something like this with my nine year old had to be a little more gentle. I figured the worst thing that could come out of it is that we would be eating healthier and wouldn't work. I could always start cutting out some of those things too as we went.

Honestly I'm super happy we did it and even though we ate pretty healthy I didn't realize all of the junk that was sneaking in under the radar. Big is happy he feels better, Little still moans and groans that he can't have Goldfish but at some point he'll stop. So for now all is well with our little food challenge, I'll keep you posted.


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The Healthy Apple said...

Loved reading this post; I can relate to so much! I can't eat gluten, dairy, soy, sugar or anything out of a box- my body completely swells up. SO happy to have found your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!