April 12, 2012

Roller Skate

This week the kids have been on Spring Break so a friend and I are taking the kids to roller skate. If you're around my age (ahem) late 30's you'll totally remember Skateland. Were they always called that?  I still remember my first official slumber/skating party that I attended, I was in 2nd grade. I still remember that they played Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n Roll" and I thought I was totally hot sh*t skating around with my friends feeling so free. 

{This is the actual sign from the scene of the 2nd grade hot stuff skate}

I haven't skated since that last elementary school skating party in 6th grade where I most likely was too chicken to do the skating limbo. Hopefully today my kids will like that first foray into the roller rink and not be too frightened by the old weird people that are probably still there skating from the time I was a kid. (Remember those peeps? As an adult I find them really, really strange.) Maybe to help everyone prepare for today's skate I'll download some Joan Jett and make sure I have a comb for my back pocket.


Mrs. W said...

Sounds like a fun flashback! We went roller skating in college and came home with a few broken bones I hope you all fair better than we did.

Anonymous said...

So, how did it go... Did they LOVE roller skating??