April 11, 2012

Hey there!

Really it's me, I'm here! Sorry about the unintentional blog break. Have I told how I've been busy working? All of the sudden (yay me!) I've gotten lots of pilates clients and still have to do the kid thing drive/cook/laundry/etc which of course puts a huge cramp in my blog's style. Not to mention the weather here has been too fabulous to stay away from. Here in AZ we have to get it while the getting is good. When it gets too hot no one is happy. It's like a hot, desert ghost town. Little is playing soccer, Big is playing baseball, the Mr. is still recovering from his knee surgery and I'm busy working people out. Thankfully it's been busy in a good way. Since it's been awhile here are a few things that totally have me excited lately.

Raw Revolution Chocolate Coconut bars, they're so good! I'm not really a big bar eater, but when I'm teaching with no break this is an easy thing to snack on in between clients. Latest obsession, seriously.

Thinking about summer cocktails. I love hanging out outside with friends so check out the Drink Me board that I share with The Invitation Lady on Pinterest. Lots of good stuff for spring and summer. Elderflower Champagne Cocktail? Yes please.

Italy. We're headed there this summer. I haven't been there yet so I'm feeling a little anxious that I don't know what to expect with the kids in tow. This adds a whole new element of freak out to international travel. So any sage advice on travelling with school age kids would be so appreciated.


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mamacita said...

Ooh, where are you going in Italy? I wanna go along!