August 30, 2011

A week already?

So I guess I've made myself scarce this past week, sorry about that. Last Wednesday I had a little kitchen mishap which involved stitches so I've been a little off my game. My grand plans of organizing all of my piles and closets hasn't fared so well. That's ok I have plenty of time to procrastinate on that. In fact in a little effort to procrastinate some more I think I need to do/try/make/find the following items.

Chocolate Sorbet - Made by local lifestyle guru Jaimee. I must make this, yum.

Stalk the web for an astronomy print.

Read the following book.

Obsess about this handbag. I just noticed that they're selling the neon Cambridge Satchels at J.Crew. Thank you for making my stalking this item much easier.

Which kind of reminds me of this artist who I adore.

Hopefully this will keep me busy until the mood strikes to get productive again.


mamacita said...

That astronomy print is pretty awesome. I seem to remember my dad having something similar. Big nerd was using it for studying the stars, though. ;-)

Hope you heal up! Stitches are no fun.

Full House said...

stitches??? actually i smiled because i had a little incident that involved a knife and stitches in the kitchen..don't core frozen strawberries.

anyway that sorbet looks so yummy. i think jaimee should make it for us if were to ever get together again.

hope all is well.

Domestic Engineer Diva said...

OUCH!!! Hope you are better!!