August 9, 2011

Do it :: Work Out

Summer has not been kind to me my friends. I've spent little to no time at the gym these past two months. It has started to catch up with me in a big way so I've got to turn it around now that they're in school. I actually love working out but the gym I belong to has no childcare in the afternoons and the kids activities were usually in the morning during the summer so you know what that meant; me hanging out getting flabby, tired, etc., etc.

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Just a few reasons to get you motivated:
1. Working out makes your skin pretty! Your skin is your largest organ, working out brings blood flow and oxygen to the skin and gets rid of all those icky toxins that get stuck in there.
2. After working out there is much less to feel guilty about if you have a treat or a glass of wine.
3. Buying workout clothing is fun. (Especially if it's from Lululemon!)
4. Working out makes you sleep better at night and we ladies need our beauty sleep.
5. If you're stressy like me, it works wonders.
6. The obvs, it's just good for you!

So who's with me? Anyone else getting back into the groove after a summer layover?


Grace said...

great incentives! you are totally right... does wonders for us "stressy" folk!


dreamday said...

i am! everything you listed has been true for me. love how i feel afterwards. :)

Luvs2dance said...

I'm in it with you - Back in the workout groove!! In fact, I have a new Pilates teacher - hehehe!!

heather said...

I always do less exercise in the summer. Those kids weigh me down!

Actually this year I was walking while my big kids were in summer school, but now this month we've come to a standstill! Need to get motivated myself!