September 27, 2010

Orange + Black

I love fall so I'm so ready to do something with orange and black for Halloween. Do you decorate for Halloween or do you skip it all together? Since I've had kids and they get all excited about it I don't mind at all. Just nothing too scary or cheap looking. Some of the Halloween decor at the stores makes me cringe. I'm thinking something a little more subtle and spooky like one of my favorite local stores The Willows.

Ok well maybe after the weekend. I'm a busy girl this week with the party headed to AZ.


Luvs2dance said...

I bought a little ghost this past weekend he is super cute - can''t wait to display him!!
I think I may have a fun project we can do together if you'd be up to it... I'll tell you all about after the festivities die down a bit!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i must admit, halloween is my least favorite holiday of all. i don't do much decor but i do indulge in making pumpkin bread, soup, and sugar cookies!

Rosanne said...

Did you see the "Spooky" letters at The Willows? I made my own! Came out really cute. I love the jeweled spiders she had also. I may have to buy those, Cant find the right beads to make my own.