April 16, 2010

Gold Rush

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but the new fabric is printed with gold. Yum. I love all things shiny. And while we're on the subject of gold this early birthday presey came and they're adorable (and way comfy). My husband and I are headed on a trip to Cabo in a month and I wanted them early so I could bring them on my trip. Thankfully Mom came to the rescue and ordered them.

Thanks Mom!!


Anonymous said...

hı ı am a Turkısh blogger ı saw your blog when ı surfed ınternet your blog very nice photos very pretty and ı am very surprised because ı love plates too ı love spicy food too ı use vera wang perfume too and of course shopping ı love shopping too :) loves sarah

Kerri said...

Our family is heading to Cabo next month! Can't wait and hope to identify you by your shiny shoes!

Emily said...

I bought these last month and am in LOVE! I may never take them off. They will be perfect for your trip.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Kerri - I'll be the one with the shinies on my feet and cerveza in hand! Most likely a hat too!

Emily - I'm with ya, I love them! So comfy.