February 23, 2010

WIN IT :: Feather Report

One of my favorite bloggers is Melisa from The Lil Bee, she's hip and hilarious which is a deadly combo. She came up with The Feather Report which comes up with outfits per the daily weather, genius and makes shopping easy. Melisa has generously offered to come up with a customized outfit for the winner of the giveaway. Who wouldn't want one of these chic getups made just for them?

Phoenix: Hot with abundant sunshine, High 104 degrees.

Outfit details here.

LA: Breezy in the morning, bright, and sunny; high 61 degrees.

Outfit details here.

NYC: Some sun, then turning cloudy, high 36 degrees.

Outfit details here.

So you wanna win? Here's the skinny.

In comments leave a comment about your body type (Curvy Cathy, Booby Brenda, Leggy Linda, Petite Patty or Pregnant Paula), occasion and location (for the weather of course) and I will randomly choose a winner. The giveaway is through Thursday, February 25th. Your customized, stylish outfit will be posted on The Feather Report. Just make sure to leave your email address so I can notify you of your winning!

Thanks Melisa!

Yay, we have a winner!! Jeanette LeBlanc you've won a Feather Report!

Winner chosen by Random.org


Angeline said...

Curvy Cathy - Sunny Sunday brunch in Arizona with my stylish friend, Sarah. Does sucking up to the blogger help my chances? You know where to find me if I win. xoxo

jennifer (jlmillerinc@yahoo.com) said...

jovial junior (aka petite) jennifer
going to work on a gloomy day in los gatos, ca...xoxo!

Britchanelsays said...

Petite Patty.
Nice but windy Open House with my sorority sisters!


Jeanette LeBlanc said...

Oy - can I be Curvy Cathy, Booby Brenda and Leggy Linda all at once :)

I'm gonna have to go with the boobs - cringe.

Found my way here via Tina and her fab photographs - looking forward to exploring. I've been totally looking for some styling assistance too!

Tina said...

Petite Patty- WPPI photographer's convention in Las Vegas- I would say sunny and breezy? LAish weather, though Indoor most of the time. Daytime comfy, walking alot.
Nighttime- breezy cold, but indoor- Dance Party time!

Savannah said...

leggy linda
sunny spring day headed to class in cincinnati

this is so fun!

Carly said...

Petite Patty for sure! Occasion: seeing my boyfriend for the first time in 2 months in Northern Idaho (I'll be coming On a plane from NY!) Strangely, northern idaho is warmer than NY... Very strange.

Michelle said...

Love this! Curvy Cathy, my April birthday (let's just say it's going to be a gorgeous 65 degrees) evening out with friends.

amandakiser said...

...just call me Booby Brenda. I think the LA outfit would be the perfect "date night" outfit. Would help me prove to Mr. Hot & Cold that he should settle on Hot.


stylewannabee said...

Leggy Linda, leaning toward the boolby side. Just going to work (business causal) in Phoenix.

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Leggy Linda :) My occasion is a chic lunch with my girlfriends. Weather is: TONS of snow with the ridiculous temperature of 0 F (and it has to be baby(breastfeeding)friendly...)

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

forgot my e-mail! It's contact.b.living AT gmail.com

Kalee said...

Curvy Cathy for sure (although the curves have slightened as of late, I like accentuate them). My wedding anniversary and birthday are a few days apart, so let's go with early May, which generally requires a cardigan (or other form of layering).

I love The Feather Report! kaleemarie@yahoo.com

Lovely Little Nest said...

:: Leggy Linda
:: shopping & dining with girlfriends
:: Philly area, where there is lots of snow!

natalierosewagner@yahoo.com :)

Jentry said...

Well, I guess I would say I'm currently "Pleasantly Pregnant"...haven't hit the hideously huge stage quite yet. Would love some guidance for family pregnancy pics. March 13th, Oklahoma City, Ok. (Will be 28 weeks) The pictures will be of me, my hubby and 2 1/2 year old girl...and baby girl in tummy, of course.

Melanie said...

petite patty
bridal shower
houston, tx- pretty mild temps and most likely raining!


cindylou7 said...

Curvy Cathy...lunch with ladies...mid-atlantic (but I wish it was Arizona)...it's not warm enough here for me:)

Elena said...

Hmm, Curvy Cathy I suppose...I'm Cuban, so maybe Curvy Catalina? :) I live in South Florida, so a warm/hot Saturday to run some fun errands and lunch with my uber-stylish bestie.


Jess said...

Hahaha. Unfortunately, I'm not really any of these - I'm more like Boyish Breanna (small hips, small boobs - unfortunately, not many curves!) It's a snowy, wintery day in Indianapolis, IN but I still want to go out for drinks at a martini bar with my girlfriends!


Luvs2dance said...

Hmmm I would falll somewhere between Curvy Cathy and Leggy Linda, but feel like Pregnant Paula - LOL!!!
How about pleasently Plump Pippa! In sunny AZ attending the Phoenix Open Golf tournament!!

dreamday said...

love the feather report! it's my morning fantasy vacation stop. with that in mind i'll say a weekend trip with my girlfriends to san francisco for a concert!!! lots of shopping, eating and laughing included. i'm maturing me with a boyish bod.

Amanda said...

Leggy Linda- my 30th birthday is coming up, so it would be nice to have something fun (and casual) for that. I live in Florida, so warm weather clothes!

Julie Ann said...

Curvy Cathy! Phoenix, AZ and my 30th *eeek!* Birthday party in 19 days! *sigh, so depressing! This would make it so much better!

Julie Harmsen

Anonymous said...

Type:Booby Brenda
Occasion: My cousin's wedding
Location: Tampa, FL on June 12

SaraJane said...

Type:Booby Brenda
Occasion: My cousin's wedding
Location: Tampa, FL on June 12

Emily said...

Curvy cathy. Out on the town with my husband and close friends in Atlanta! ejourny@gmail.com

Gloria said...

LOVE your blog - starts my day (along with my coffee)!!

Curvy Cathy - going out to Sunday brunch with my lovely husband at an outside cafe in Greenville, SC! Lovely Spring day!


Chrissy said...

I'm definitely a Leggy Linda from Titusville, FL. The occasion is celebrating my 20th b-day at the beach picnic-ing with friends in a couple weeks!


bedroom furniture said...

not really in for a contest but I do like the watch a whole bunch. looks like an old timex.

Kathryn said...

This Curvy Cathy in Vancouver needs and outfit for her casual rehearsal dinner.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I am a Curvy Cathy in desperate need of a fresh outfit for a spring wedding in Atlanta. Fingers crossed!

its simple love said...

Leggy Linda, AKA Rachael (ME), swoons for the LA Outfit. I love the bomber jacket and the booties. Yum.



its simple love said...

To add to that last comment.... I'd wear it in the spring in Utah.