September 25, 2009

Chicago Type

It's been awhile since I've mentioned my fascination with old doors and architectural details but today I found some pretty eye candy at Chicago Type. My husband's cousin Luke is a very talented graphic designer in KC and he sent this my way via Twitter this morning.
Vintage signs and doors...what more could you ask for?


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Some of those are very deco! neat finds.

Kasey said... it.
i need to walk around more here in chicago just to get some pics.

Luke said...

Thanks for the shout out... you rock! I have an obsession with weathered type, somewhat unhealthy probably.

Jessie said...

COOL! And wouldn't you know that Luke and I definitely have some mutual friends... one of my co-workers peeked over my shoulder and saw me looking at his site. :)