September 23, 2009

Bow tie necklace

This is Betty. I love her blog and I want her hair.

Here is her cute bow bracelet which apparently came from Aldo, who knew?

It kind of reminds me of this darling bow bracelet found on a Cup of Jo, but I digress.

Betty's bracelet had me thinking I want a bowtie hanging from a chain for a necklace. Easy peasy right? Then last night while watching a rerun of Flipping Out I see one Jeff's employees sporting a Marc Jacobs bow tie on a chain and it has me hesitating. Total copycat, lame-o or fun and cute?


Luvs2dance said...

fun and cute... go for it!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Fun & cute! Make me one!! ;)

Alexis said...

They are fun and cute for fall...but that guy on Flipping Out is a total copy cat. anyone that wears shorts that tight and short is questionable!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Ok thanks friends. Looks like the necklace is a go!