June 29, 2009


It's almost July and we're hot and bored at my house and I'm in need of some new tunes and eye candy so please comment with the following:

1) New music, my ipod is feeling very neglected so any good artists or songs that you love please send them my way.
2) I'm dying to do some Etsy shopping and it sure is a pain to sift through it all. So dish all of your favorite Etsy shops.
Please don't be stingy with the comments ok? I'm needing some inspiration. Thanks in advance.


TeachingInHeels said...

Well of course I think that www.plumstars.etsy.com is the best etsy shop! :) Although if you visit my shop I have a ton of favorites to browse through...lots of good ones.

I'm really loving Colbie Calliat...perfect for summer beach tunes. Relaxing and filled with love :)

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I did a little PYT, ABC downloading over the weekened...

I *Heart* You said...

I'm with Laura Casey - discover all the old MJ stuff yo loved but never thought to download!

Also - the Away We Go soundtrack is amazing!!!

benson said...

Rob Thomas is SO good and easy on the ears (and eyes!)
Looking for jewelry? clothing? home? in etsy?

Kelsey said...

Great idea for a post!

My favorite singers of late: Jack Johnson (perennial favorite), Brett Dennen, Marie Digby, Regina Spektor. I love discovering new artists by typing favorites into Pandora.

What did we do before Etsy? My favorite shops include: NejellaPhotoArt, dazeychic, weesf, and whatcitystudio.

mamacita said...

Last time I requested some music inspiration, not one person left a comment. Boo to deadbeat readers!

1. This is a summer playlist that someone else put together last year on muxtape (r.i.p.) that I loved.

2. My favorite Etsy shop is ShopClementine. I have a pair of the snow blossom stud earrings. Not too pricey, either.

3. BONUS! Have you read Jen Lancaster's books? I just discovered them, and they're a lot of fun.

Katie said...

Hey Sarah! My recent addiction is Jenny Lewis (w/ Rilo Kiley) and I just read yesterday that she was a well know child star.

Can't help you with etsy, I am avoiding it because I'm already addicted to Amazon and steep and cheap :-)

Hope your summer is going well!

Katie Z

Anonymous said...

Try Edith Piaf

Shandell's said...

Just found your blog, love your posts. Visit my Etsy for thing to make you smile.

Lindsey said...

Better Than Ezra has a pretty decent new album out, it's been a staple on my summer playlist, along with classics from the Zombies, MJ, & No Doubt. (I'm going to the concert Friday, I'm super excited)

Some of my favorite Etsy shops include: RetroRevival, Sudlow, LayerCakeShop, bakeitpretty, and BeanTownHandmade.

I absolutly adore your blog :)

Megan said...

Found your blog yesterday and I love it!

Music suggestions would be my favourites: Jack Johnson, Bob Marley- will get you in the summer feeling, Better than Ezra has an awful lot of catchy tunes, Tinted Windows are a super group to check out, and if you look on billboards top songs of all time, you will find favorites you forgot about and want to reunite with!

As for etsy, I have a tiny shop you can check out- APebbleinTime!

sashyjane said...

My latest song obsession is "Get Lucky" by Dragonette. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I discovered it on the "Hotel for Dogs" soundtrack! It's so fun and hummable. Anything Ingrid Michaelson (favorites are Far Away, Be Ok and The Way I Am) or Fiest (my favorites are Mushaboom & Tout Doucemet) makes for good listening. I'm also thoroughly enjoying some old school Donovan and George Harrison lately. If you're feeling multi-cultural, Listen to Os Mutantes (Brazilian psychadelic rock band from the 70s.)

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Thanks everyone for the comments, I love 'em. Keep them coming. :)

Luvs2dance said...

Just getting back from vacay so I'm a little behind in blog-reading!!! So my recent downloads include the following...

Kings of Leon
The Ting Tings
Melody gardot - I absolutely love her voice and I have to admit I follow her twitter too!

That should give you a great starting point!!!
Miss ya sweetie ;)