May 4, 2009

Supernova bag

This is the kind of fun bag that I love but need to find the less expensive version. I love the studded detail but I think after one season I would tire of it so not worth the big bucks (to me) so if you happen to see one that looks kinda like it please send it my way.
Thanks in advance.


simply seleta said...

First time I've been infatuated with studs since I married my man.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Love Minkoff - this bag is great, but I would get it dirty SO fast. The black one is more my style, but yeah - a knock off would be great, I'll keep my eyes open!! :)

Blair said...

I will keep my eye out! Love the gold studding.

Haven and Home said...

I think I am in love. Have not seen anything like it but I will keep my eyes open!

The Southern Lady said...

Have you tried T.J. Maxx? The often carry items just like that bag-and much more affordable.

I know this because I got one last year!

Good luck on your search and I'll let you know if anything pops up on the radar next time I go.