May 23, 2008

Why am I not smart enough to find this?

I'm the queen of starting a recipe and realizing that I don't have exactly the right thing. So then I'm scrambling trying to find an alternative, when that doesn't work I usually have to send the hubby to the store or go grovel to the neighbors to borrow something. Well with you don't have to, thank goodness.

PS - While looking for a cookie image I stumbled on this Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookie recipe from Martha. I must really be craving a sugar fiesta because these raspberry and white chocolate babies are looking really, really good!


diana @ please sir said...

Yum yum!!

altuna said...

You know I am a sucker for treats, just like you. Can I tell you have come back to this picture 3 times already... I know what I'll be doing this weekend...baking!!!!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Glad you likey Jenn, can I come over while you bake and lick the bowl? You can bake and I will entertain you buy prancing!!!