April 9, 2008

Project Runway

So news on the street is that Heidi and the gang are moving to Lifetime. I know, say what?! I love, love, love Project Runway and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around that it's moving to icky, old Lifetime. I mean it's the home of the Tori Spelling made-for-TV movies, it's the last resort on a Friday night when absolutely nothing is on. I suppose they are trying to up their hip factor, you think it will work?


The Invitation Lady said...

LOL. I just watched the Amber Alert story on Lifetime last night...Seriously nothing else was on but man, that was a sad one.

EMILY said...

I have to admit that I was seriously heart broken when I heard Project Runway was moving to Lifetime too. If it wasn't for my room mate's love of the cheezy made for tv movies and the fond memories I have of spending hours watching Unsolved Mysteries on Lifetime, it wouldn't be on my tv.