April 24, 2008

Inspirational People

Do you have those people that always inspire you? Those people who are altruistic and are so sincere. It's these kind of people that really do make things happen in this world. I have a friend like that she's super cute, friendly to everyone and is always trying to make the world a better place. You know the kind of gal that puts her kids in cloth diapers but never says a word to you as you buy the huge container of Huggies from Costco?

Yesterday we were shopping at Whole Foods and she picked up a couple of the FEED bags for herself and explained to me that purchasing one bag would feed a hungry child for one year.

Since many grocery stores are phasing out the plastic bags it's up to us to bring something, what better choice than the FEED bags. FEED is an organization founded by Lauren Bush and it benefits the United Nations World Food Program, not only is the bag chic it's designed with sustainable materials and is made with fair labor. So before you buy the bags by the check out counter make sure to look if they sell the FEED bags because not only are you being environmentally conscious you are making a commitment to fight hunger.

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