October 15, 2012

Do you TV?

When my husband and I got married and moved in together there was one sticky point that we hadn't worked out. It was a little tiff about having a TV in the bedroom.  I was vehemently against it and he was pro-TV all the way. I caved and became pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed having a TV in our room. There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon spent in your cozy bed watching a movie or the TV lulling you to that drowsy place. Well it's been awhile and lately I haven't been quite as enamored with it. I'll give you a little back story, I have insomnia from time to time and I've found that any extra light in our room wakes me up. So add in the light from the cable box and the DVD player our room is like a regular Las Vegas. 

So I decided to do a little experiment, last week my husband had to take a short trip and I decided that for the few nights he was gone I was going to do no TV. Just reading in bed just like I had always done practically my whole life. Guess what? No problems sleeping or settling down at all. I clued my husband into this little experiment and he said that he's down to try it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Do you keep a TV in the bedroom and if so has the love waned?



Michelle said...

We are strictly NO tv in the bedroom. The bedroom is for sex and sleep, anything that interferes with either is not a good thing. The only time it ever bothered me was when I was really sick while pregnant the second time. I would have loved to have it then.

Ameena said...

We have no TV in the bedroom but I can relate to your home looking like Las Vegas...the amount of technology we have in general? Let's just say we could power a small country instead.

Anonymous said...

We do have a TV in the bedroom, but as a rule no TV before sleep (because I, like you, have major sleep issues)!! I will sneek off once in a while to watch one of my shows in the bedroom while the hubs watches TV in the living room and we always turn it on when one of us is not feeling well, so in that respect it does come in handy!!

But we also take it a step further... no clocks facing the bed, so you never really know what time it is, unless you get up and take a look. We also adhear to the rule of no "busy" activity 40 minutes before bedtime, so no doing dishes, making lunches, tidying up and so forth - this has really helped my weirdo brain relax and get some much needed SHUT EYE!!