August 2, 2012

Love it :: Siblings

Sometimes I shake my head and think, "I'm a mom...of boys!" Being of the female species I don't always get their humor or style, but my goodness are they funny! Sometimes I like to eavesdrop on their conversations, they might just mortify you (because they often do me). I just have to laugh to myself because they're quite um, creative with their choice of words/insults/descriptions. Even though sometimes these discussions that catch I snippets are clearly meant for their ears only I try to respect their privacy so they can find their own style of dealing with one another and find those great inside jokes that all siblings have.

I've seen many bloggers throughout the years talk about sisterly bonds but what about those with siblings in general? I have so many memories of me and my brother that I can't even count. Most of them fun and more than a few of them me being the bossy older sister. (Sorry B!)  But seriously, how funny, embarrassing and sweet are some of them when you think back?


marni zarr said...

i was the bossy older sister too. my brother drove me crazy but i love him for it :)

Anonymous said...

No worries, and sorry about the barbie bathtub:) B