July 5, 2012

Do it :: Ping Pong

When my husband and I were dating we would battle it out with games like Trivial Pursuit and Sorry even leaving it ready to play if we had to go anywhere. Now there really isn't any of that but I sort of miss it. We have a patio table outside that rarely gets used, pretty much just gets dusty. I wonder if we could attach some sort of ping pong top to it and saddle up for Epic Battles Round 2? Fun times to be had at home for free! Kids optional of course.

Ping Pong anyone?

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mamacita said...

I could definitely get behind that ping pong table.

Did you watch "10 Favorite Things" (or something--don't remember the exact title) on Bravo? It was like a magazine spread come to life. Anyway, Jonathan Adler is apparently a huge ping pong player. He and Simon looked like they were having fun.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

No, I didn't see it, but I want to. All the cool peeps are doing it huh? Well, we're not that cool but I'll just pretend to be. Easy enough to cocktail and ping pong at home, no driving!

Anonymous said...

Target sells a set that converts any long table into a ping pong table. It's like $25 :)Sara W