March 5, 2012


Sorry for the absence but it's been a crazy time and my head is finally starting to feel like it's not going to explode. What started as a busy week turned into a nightmarish stint with my husband in the hospital. There isn't much to say except I'm thankful for all I have and that my husband is home. 

So if posting is light for the next little bit please bear with me because I'm just doing all I can to keep my head above water. Thanks friends.

::artwork (appropriately titled) Undertow by Clare Elsaesser::


Mrs. W said...

Good luck, prayers will be sent your way.

BTW - love that picture!

benson said...

take care...thinking of you and your family.

kristen said...

totally know that feeling. get yourself a hot tea, a good book, and get lost in it. oh, and pray... a lot.