June 2, 2011

Double cuff

How do you feel about the double cuff look? Personally, I love it.

{via This is Glamorous}


dreamday said...

me too. you buy one, i'll buy the other and we can switch days ;)

mamacita said...

I wear a pair of brass ones with stones pretty often. They're annoying to wear to the office, though, because they clank around the keyboard as I type. So when I see them, I definitely think, "lady of leisure."

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I like one cuff, the double cuff kind of reminds me of Russell Crowe in Gladiator!

Catherine Robinson said...

I love it too...there are so many great cuffs to choose from...I'm a big fan! Just found your blog...it's lovely...I'm a new follower!