February 25, 2008

The Fabulousness

So let's just talk about the Oscars, we don't really need to break down the movies because sadly with my two shrimps I don't get to the movies terribly often. So let's get straight to it, the dresses! We can have our own Mommy version of the red carpet.

I have to say my favorite dress was actually Cameron Diaz's, I'm not a super big fan of pink but it looked great on her. Her hair was pretty casual and beachy, but since that's her look it's perfect

I also loved Marion Cotillard's gorgeous silver dress. Please see the earlier post about my love for all things shiny, that should say it all.

Last but not least Kerri Russell looked so beautiful and the dress fit her perfectly. I wasn't crazy about her wedding hair but the dress totally made up for that.

It looked the trend was red, but those dresses just didn't do it for me. Let's face it, the scale that I'm judging on is a little nit-picky because all of those women are stunning, but that's the way of the couch commando! Now I think I may just have to be a little snarky, but what is the draw of Miley Cyrus? I know I have boys so I haven't really ever watched Hannah Montana but I just don't love her.

Fill me in on who was your favorite!

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